Customer Loyalty

Survey, get orders, queries and claims from your customers. Then manage with your team.

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Increase your sales

Perform intelligent and automated conversational marketing actions and campaigns.






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Satisfaction metrics

Measure & detect customer' satisfaction with our surveys module.

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Deviations correction

Manage claims and attack the root cause through our tickets and claims module.

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Top features

Call Center

  • - If you need telephone support so you can close the sale, or measure quality through surveys, we offer you the contact center service, with strict quality standards and with the recording of the calls. so you can hear them.


  • - Make automated campaigns with conversational Marketing to generate new leads or reactivate the ones you already have. When they are hot, we derive them to your sellers with myWChannel © to close sales.
  • - Receive complaints, queries and send periodic information and promotions through conversational marketing in an automatic way

In-house communication

  • - Faster and better the communication in your company, through internal messages, and the visualization of the interaction with your clients among all the collaborators, through our Claims module.
  • - Organize your work team, sharing the management of the tickets. When a claim is derived, the person in charge receives an e-mail notifying them.

Nube | Cloud

  • - You can access from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • - Our platform is in the cloud optimized for all kinds of devices.
  • - See results in real time.

Quality of service and loyalty

  • - Reach continuous improvement in the quality of customer service, thus achieving loyalty.
  • - Measure the satisfaction of your customers with our surveys..
  • - Detect and solve the claims, also attacks its root causes to avoid them, thus reducing costs and having happier clients..

Ease of use

  • - Our platform will be simple and intuitive. You do not need a special installation or software, just your browser.
  • - You can access from any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • - We take care of the backup of your information with backups.

Real time monitoring

  • - You can analyze the results of the contact center in real time, both globally per campaign, and each call that is made.
  • - Consult the results of surveys, marketing actions and claims always with the data updated instantly.

Professional reports

  • - Our reports and graphs will help you to know how to manage leads, complaints, orders, how satisfied your customers are and to detect aspects of nonconformity.
  • - Possibility of exporting all reports to Excel.
  • - It makes it easier for you to certify and approve quality standards and audits.

and confidentiality

  • - We have high standards of confidentiality of your information and contracts of confidentiality of the same.
  • - We secure SSL communication in the cloud and our data center has strict data security policies.

Personalized attention

  • - We attend your query in a personalized way, quickly. No long waits online or in the response of your emails.

Surveys Omnichannel

  • - Posibility to invite to answer the surveys of your clients
  • - We send you the most significant reports and alerts automatically .

Higher ROI

  • - Marketing actions, such as raffling, reactivation and lead generation by conversational marketing, have a higher ROI than more traditional media.
  • - Less investment and high return for your business.
“For more than three years we have been using the Click Online service in our company, and since the beginning of the relationship we have found the best predisposition to our needs. In addition to always being attentive to be able to comply with our ideas...”

Alejandra Escobar | DonCar VW

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“The value that this tool gives me is that of organization of the data.
The quality of response and advice is excellent. ”

Ezequiel Saracho | Andina Chevrolet

“...The consultancy service provided by Clickonline regarding the treatment, speed and quality of response is extremely satisfactory because they are people who work to solve our concerns and cover our needs, provided continuous advice, being kind, resolutive, providing the answers in the moment they are needed and seeking constant improvement to maintain the level of quality in the provision of their services...”

Mariela Castellanos | Furth VW

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“As Quality Manager, Click Online, helped me. in the generation of indicators in real time, what contributed that the decision making before deviations is of immediate form, improving the attention to our clients...”

Dana Aguilar | Andina VW

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